Showcasing Welsh Products at the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event

At the recent Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event on the 4th of October 2023, Celtic Wines proudly presented an array of exquisite Welsh products alongside fellow local businesses. Including an impressive selection hailing from our very own picturesque county of Pembrokeshire. It was an absolute honour to take part in this event and showcase the outstanding local produce that makes our region truly exceptional. In this short news article, we’re thrilled to take you through our captivating display at the show, unveiling some exciting new Welsh products that have found their home in our collection.

Nestled within the heart of Pembroke Dock, the Bridge Innovation Centre served as the remarkable backdrop for the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event. This exceptional venue proved to be the perfect setting for celebrating local entrepreneurship and innovation. Offering an inspiring environment for both established businesses and budding entrepreneurs, the Bridge Innovation Centre exemplifies the spirit of innovation and enterprise in Pembrokeshire. With its emphasis on knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, this center played a pivotal role in fostering connections between local producers and the wider community. Moreover, its array of onsite business advice services and access to top-notch academic technical support further accentuated the positive impact it has on the business landscape in the region. The Bridge Innovation Centre truly encapsulates the essence of growth and progress for Pembrokeshire businesses, making it an ideal choice for an event dedicated to showcasing the best of what the region has to offer.

Llaethliw Vineyard - New Welsh Wines

We were privileged to introduce these outstanding additions to our wine selection at the event. The Llaethliw Vineyard wines beautifully complemented the local produce on display, showcasing the depth and diversity of flavours that Wales has to offer.

As we poured glasses of the Rondo Red and Solaris White at our booth, attendees were treated to a true taste of Wales. The Rondo Red, with its inviting plum and dark cherry notes, was a hit with those seeking a red wine that effortlessly straddles the line between elegance and approachability. Its versatility shone through as guests savoured it alongside summer-inspired tuna steaks and hearty winter dishes like roast chicken, game, and lamb.

Conversely, the Solaris White encapsulated the essence of a Welsh summer in every sip. Its bright green apple aromas and refreshing flavours of green apple and nectarine made it an instant favourite among those looking for a vibrant and revitalizing wine. Its mineral undertones and zesty citrus acidity added an extra layer of complexity that elevated the tasting experience.

Both of these Welsh gems were a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of Llaethliw Vineyard, and we were proud to present them to the discerning audience at the event. The local produce market truly came to life as attendees sampled these wines alongside an array of Pembrokeshire’s finest culinary offerings.

As we look back on the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event, we are not only grateful for the opportunity to connect with our community but also excited about the future possibilities for Celtic Wines. With the addition of Llaethliw Vineyard wines to our collection, we continue to celebrate the richness and diversity of Welsh produce. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and new arrivals at Celtic Wines as we strive to bring the best of Wales to your glass. 

Devil's Bridge Spiced Rum

In addition to our captivating Llaethliw Vineyard wines, we are delighted to unveil yet another gem from Wales at the recent Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event – Devil’s Bridge Spiced Rum. Inspired by a legendary tale of wit and cunning, this exceptional rum pays homage to the lady who outsmarted the devil himself, with the delectable Bara Brith sweet bread taking centre stage in its flavour profile.

What sets Devil’s Bridge Rum apart is its meticulous craftsmanship. It begins its journey maturing in ex-bourbon barrels in the Caribbean, where it absorbs the essence of those sun-soaked tropical climates. From there, it embarks on a transatlantic voyage to our Welsh distillery, where it is steeped in a unique blend of botanicals and spices. These carefully chosen ingredients include Glengettie Black Tea for depth, Bara Brith for sweetness, and Shirgar Carmarthenshire Butter for a luxuriously smooth finish. Ginger, vanilla, cassia, allspice, cardamom, mace, and cloves round out the exceptional blend, creating a rum that is both rich and intricate in flavour.

Devil’s Bridge Spiced Rum is available in two convenient sizes to suit every occasion – 70cl for those who prefer to savour it over time, and 20cl for those seeking a taste of Welsh craftsmanship in a more compact form. Whether you’re a rum enthusiast or simply looking to explore the flavours of Wales, Devil’s Bridge Rum promises a sensory journey like no other. Sip, savour, and experience the essence of Welsh ingenuity in every drop. 

Firm Favourites!

Among the array of exquisite Welsh treasures showcased at the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event, our longstanding favorite, Velfrey Vineyard wines, took center stage. This family-run vineyard, lovingly nurtured throughout the year by Andy and Fiona, found its roots in Pembrokeshire in 2014. The idea to plant the vineyard was inspired by their sons, Ryan and his brother, who joined them in West Wales to turn this vision into a reality. Recently, Ryan’s fiancée Sophie has joined the team, taking charge of the delectable food offerings served from the visitor lodge. And let’s not forget the adorable vineyard dogs, Archie, Billy, and Bash, who add their own charm to this picturesque vineyard.

The Velfrey Vineyard experience is not just about sipping exceptional wines; it’s about immersing yourself in the vineyard’s story and hospitality. Open from mid-April to the harvest season in October, Velfrey Vineyard offers captivating vineyard tours at £15 per person. These tours, starting at 11 am and lasting approximately 90 minutes, provide a grape-to-glass experience, unraveling the vineyard’s journey from inception to the present day. The tour includes an indoor talk and visual presentation followed by a stroll through the vineyard to witness the vines and their meticulous care. As a delightful finale, guests enjoy a tasting of two of their finest wines. It’s advisable to pre-book these tours, and please note that under 18s can join for free but must be accompanied by an adult. Well-behaved dogs on leads are also welcome to explore the vineyard’s beauty.

For those looking to elevate their vineyard experience, Velfrey Vineyard offers Welsh grazing boards that feature delectable Monmouthshire charcuterie, artisan cheeses from across West Wales, locally baked focaccia, chutneys, relishes, and moreish Welsh crackers, all complemented by Mediterranean-style sundries. These boards can be booked separately at £20 per person.

Throughout the year, on special occasions, guests can indulge in delightful afternoon tea sittings, each freshly baked and prepared by Sophie. Pre-booking is a must for these culinary experiences, priced at £25 per person.

In the world of wine, Velfrey Vineyard had an outstanding year in 2022, with their Solaris 2021 quickly becoming a crowd favorite and selling out in just three months. Their Non-Vintage traditional method sparkling wine received top honors at the Global Masters 2022, while their 2019 Cuvée Reserve earned a Silver medal at the Glass of Bubbly awards, and the low-alcohol Naturiol 2021 secured a bronze at the Welsh Wine Awards. Looking ahead to 2023, Velfrey is set to delight wine enthusiasts with the release of three new wines: the 2022 Solaris, Naturiol 2022, and their flagship Cuvée Reserve 2020.

You can easily order Velfrey Vineyard’s exquisite wines online via their website or plan a visit to their picturesque vineyard. They also offer a variety of gift vouchers, with the “Adopt a Vine” package proving to be a particularly popular choice for wine aficionados. Discover the essence of Welsh winemaking at its finest with Velfrey Vineyard.

Harbwr Brewery - Our Beer Range

We also had the pleasure of featuring an outstanding selection from our local Harbwr Brewery beer range. Crafted with precision and passion, these beers offer a journey through distinctive flavours and aromas that celebrate the art of brewing.

MV Enterprise Pale Ale (4% Vol), our flagship ale, is a true delight for the senses. Combining British Maris Otter and Crystal malt with American Cascade and British First Gold hops, it offers a malty-sweet biscuit base harmoniously balanced with bitterness. A touch of fruity and slightly spicy notes, along with a floral aroma, adds complexity to this exceptional brew.

North Star Amber Ale (4.2% Vol) showcases the craftsmanship of British Maris Otter, Crystal, and Amber malts. The result is a smooth, slightly toasted ale with hints of caramel, complemented by the bitterness of British Bramling Cross and Godiva hops. Subtle blackcurrant and lemon aromas add layers of flavor to this well-balanced beer.

Caldey Lollipop IPA (4.5% Vol) is a hoppy session IPA that tantalizes the taste buds. British Cara Gold malt delivers caramel and toffee flavours, perfectly complementing the malty-sweet notes of Maris Otter malt. New Zealand Waimea and American Mounthood hops create a delightful fruity and citrus taste, while Polish Magnum adds a touch of bitterness and floral aroma for a memorable finish.

RFA Sir Galahad Red Ale (4.6% Vol) is a rich and inviting brew. Blending traditional Maris Otter with Crystal malt, it offers a delightful fusion of malty sweetness, caramel, and honey notes. German Cara Red imparts a deep ruby-red hue, while a medley of hops contributes to a well-balanced bitterness with a hint of spice and pleasant herbal blackcurrant undertones.

Each beer in our Harbwr Brewery range represents a testament to the art of brewing and the dedication of our local brewers. We invite you to savour these exceptional brews, each with its own unique character and story, and experience the craftsmanship that makes them a true highlight of the Welsh brewing scene.  

Barti Spiced Rum - Established 2018 in Pembrokeshire

Our showcase at the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of Barti Spiced Rum, a true local gem from the heart of Pembrokeshire. This exceptional spirit drink begins with the finest Caribbean rum, infused with tantalizing notes of vanilla, cloves, and orange. However, what sets Barti Spiced Rum apart is its unique and secret ingredient – a delicate infusion of Pembrokeshire Laver seaweed, fondly known as Welshman’s Caviar. This distinctive blend not only pays homage to the rich maritime history of Pembrokeshire but also adds a depth of flavour that sets Barti Spiced Rum apart as a true treasure of the region. Inspired by the legendary Pembrokeshire Pirate, Barti Ddu, or Black Bart in English, this rum embodies the spirit of adventure, making it a fitting addition to our local showcase. Sip, savour, and celebrate the flavours of Pembrokeshire with Barti Spiced Rum. 

The Pembrokeshire Cider Company - Local Cider!

Adding to the rich tapestry of local flavours on our stall, we were proud to feature a selection of Pembrokeshire Ciders from the esteemed Pembrokeshire Cider Company. Founded in 2016 by three local businessmen in the heart of Pembroke, this micro-brewery draws inspiration from the historical backdrop of Pembroke Castle. Their dedication to crafting exceptional ciders is evident in each offering.

Henry VII Medium/Dry Cider is a sparkling medium-dry cider that beautifully captures the full flavour of crisp cider apples, delivering a refreshing and satisfying taste.

William Marshal Medium Carbonated Cider, named after the legendary William Marshal, offers a medium carbonated cider with a crisp and invigorating profile that’s perfect for those seeking a classic cider experience.

For those in search of a fruity twist, the Mixed Berry Fruit Cider, Carbonised is a delightful choice. It presents a refreshing and crisp drink with a distinct berry fruit essence, ideal for sipping on a sunny day.

Cromwell 1648 Dry Carbonated Cider, the third instalment in their history trilogy, is a dry carbonated cider that boasts an extra effervescent quality, offering a unique twist for cider enthusiasts.

Whether enjoyed chilled or over ice, these Pembrokeshire Ciders from the Pembrokeshire Cider Company are a testament to the region’s cider-making heritage and a must-try for those who appreciate the art of crafting fine ciders. We were thrilled to showcase these local delights at the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event, and we look forward to sharing the essence of Pembrokeshire with all cider connoisseurs.

At our stand during the Pembrokeshire Produce Mark Festive Showcase Event, we had the distinct pleasure of showcasing a rich tapestry of Pembrokeshire and Welsh products that embody the essence of our region. From the exquisite Llaethliw Vineyard wines and Barti Spiced Rum, celebrating Pembrokeshire’s heritage, to the local treasures from Harbwr Brewery and Pembrokeshire Cider Company, our goal was to highlight the exceptional craftsmanship and flavours that make our corner of Wales truly exceptional. We were equally thrilled to reconnect with trade colleagues we know and forge new relationships within the industry, uniting over our shared passion for quality products and regional pride. This event was a remarkable celebration of both tradition and innovation, and we look forward to continuing our journey of discovery and collaboration in the world of fine beverages. 

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