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Celtic Wines Deals & Offers 2021

During the latest national lockdown announced by the UK Government, we are permitted to remain in operation and are pleased to be here to assist you with your wine orders. As the situation intensifies if you would like to place a wine order please do contact us by telephone and leave a message on 01646 681369 or by email to orders@celticwines.com and we will respond within 24 hours to confirm and arrange delivery to you at your convenience.

To begin 2021, Celtic Wines are offering a great selection promotions to take advantage at the moment you order you favourite wines.

Please be aware that many of these items are in Limited Supply. All prices Ex VAT unless specified otherwise.

Santa Lucia Merlot £5.20
Santa Lucia Sauvignon Blanc £5.20

Grappa Bianco £14.45

Louis Eschenauer Chardonnay £6.00
Louis Eschenauer Merlot £6.00
Louis Eschenauer Cabernet Sauvignon £6.00
Louis Eschenauer Vin Du Pays Syrah £6.00

Denis Marchais Merlot £6.00

Limited stock available McGuigan Zero Shiraz £5.00 inc VAT
Limited stock available McGuigan Zero Chardonnay £5.00 inc VAT

Entrecote Merlot Cabernet £7.50

Joel Delaunay TYDY Sauvignon du Val De Loire £7.62

Chateau de Fabregues Grenache Syrah Rose £8.57

Chateau Haut Rian Rose £9.57
Chateau Haut Rian Rouge £9.57
Chateau Haut Rian Blanc £9.57

McPeterson Semillon Chardonnay £6.00
McPeterson Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon £6.00

Don’t Tell Gary Shiraz £7.02

Tananga Sauvignon Blanc £6.98

El Cadejo Malbec £7.50

Pico a Pico Merlot Carmenere £6.22
Pico a Pico Sauvignon Blanc £6.22

Sea Change Chardonnay £7.50
Sea Change Negroamaro £7.50

Running Duck Pinotage NSA £7.57
Running Duck Shiraz NSA £7.57
Running Duck Cab Sav NSA £7.57
Stella Organics Merlot NSA £7.57
Stellar Organics Sauvignon Blanc £6.82
Stellar Organics Shiraz £7.57
Stellar Organics Rose £7.13
Running Duck Chenin Blanc £7.57
Running Duck Sauvignon Blanc £7.65

Goats do Roam White £8.52
Goats do Roam Red £8.52

Carlos Serres Old Vines Tempranillo £7.50

Cabernet Frank No. 2 Old Vine Cab Franc £7.77

Chateau Musar Jeune Red (VG) £12.00
Chateau Musar Jeune White (VG) £12.00
Chateau Musar Jeune Rose (VG) £12.00

Roxe Prosecco Pink £6.93

Naonis Prosecco £8.00

Sea Change Prosecco £9.00

Roar Beer 12 x 500ml £20.00 including VAT